Shadia El Dardiry

Shadia El Dardiry works at City law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite, known for its leading role in the charity and social enterprise sector and more recently for its involvement in the field of mission-led business and responsible corporate governance. She is part of the firm’s cross-sector group on employee ownership and has a strong interest in employer-employee relations, labour rights in the ‘gig’ economy, and innovative approaches to fostering growth through socially responsible business. Shadia comes from a human rights background, and prior to joining Bates Wells Braithwaite, she worked on human rights and migration issues in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. She has engaged in EU- and national-level advocacy as well as capacity building of local organisations and has more recently been involved in family reunification cases of unaccompanied minors in Calais. Shadia holds a Masters in Political Science and a BA (Hons) in Political Science and Economics from McGill University.

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